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Just a quick little update that I am excited about. One of my favorite bloggers, Kendi, came up with this challenge called “30 for 30” a while and for those of you who are not familiar with this idea, you can check it out  here, as she does a better job explaining it than I would :).

Basically, you have to pick 30 items of clothing (shirts, shorts, skirts, shoes, etc) and wear only those items for 30 days. So it ends up being a lot of remixing and experimenting with new outfits, and learning to “shop your closet” (but why..shopping at a store is so much more fun :-p..)

The new challenge is starting in a few weeks so I am looking forward to seeing what kind of combinations and outfits I and everyone else comes up with!  Wish me luck! Any other first timers doing it? Who else is doing it and any tips would be helpful hehe. ❤ Talk to you soon!