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I never got into the whole Disney celebrity crazy (Jonas Brothers, Hannah Montana/Miley, etc.) but I do loveee Selena Gomez. I think she is just too sweet and personally I think she is gorgeous! She is young but I  think her style is evolving and she is becoming more of a style icon. I came across a few of her looks that I really think look great on her and some that can be easily recreated!

This look is casual but still very put together. The skinny jeans and flats with the baggy, off the shoulder shirt is a classic go to look for many of us and I think its a great way to be comfortable but still look cute!

This is probably one of my favorite red carpet looks of Selena. She is still young (18 I believe) but I think she pulled this look of really well by keeping her hair simple and minimal jewelry. I also love that she chose to wear red shoes! I think it makes the outfit more fun (like her personality)! This is definitely a dress that I would wear (if I can find a knockoff version of course lol)

I loved how simple this outfit is and that it can sbe dressed down or up depending on the occasion and what type of look youre going for. The knee high boots give this outfit a polished look and the simple necklace ties it all together.

Another red carpet look that I adore! Personally, I wouldnt wear this dress as I dont think I can pull it off with the ruffles all on one side..it would be a little overpowering..but I think once again she did a great job! I like how her hair is parted to side as it looks very elegant and doesnt get in the way of the design of the dress. I also think she chose to keep the accessories minimal it doesnt end up looking tacky!

P.S. I also noticed that in every pic I have seen of her, her hair is perfect! Jealous!

Also, not related to style..saw this cute/funny video of her doing a short Nicki Minaj cover! Lol

What are your thoughts on her? and who are your style crushes?

Talk to you soon ❤