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The weather is getting a bit cooler (but still a bit bi-polar, as it was 80 this past week and then low 60’s next week) so I figured I’d do a very short, quick list on what I couldn’t live without this past summer. Don’t have too many makeup products because I cant stand the feel of lots of makeup in the heat!

1- Old Navy sunglasses- $5.99. These don’t need an explanation about why these are needed for summer haha. I have a smaller face so most sunglasses make me look like an alien or a bug..or an alieny bug. But these fit my face perfectly!

2- mark. pretty wild palette- I love cream shadows/blush in the summer because it tends to last a bit longer and also feels better on my skin rather than powder. The top three are cream shadows and the bottom three are lipglosses and the larger product is an all over highlighter. and how cute is the leopard print?!

3-mark. powder buff foundation $12- I mentioned this in one of my monthly posts but I dust this over my face to give me a more even complexion. Quick and easy, and perfect for summer!

4- Floral skirts- I am OBSESSED with floral prints. I know they are everywhere but I still can’t get enough! They seem to make any outfit instantly brighter. (I recently took up sewing and made a few floral skirts of my own..which I am quite excited about)

5- Gladiator sandals- I love these with skirts, shorts, dresses, anything.  To me, they are just as comfortable as flip flops but tend to make an outfit seem more put together (I still love my flip flops, don’t get me wrong!) I was just drawn to these sandals more

6- Daisy necklace- I got this necklace from a vendor in Denmark when I was studying abroad there. The daisy is the national flower of Denmark, but also it is my favorite flower 🙂

What were some of your must haves for summer?? And what are you looking forward to for Fall?