Happy monday all! Hope everyone had a great weekend. Saturday I went out to celebrate one of my best friends 21st birthday (yay!) and it was  so much fun! Sunday was a relaxing day for the most part:) What did you do this weekend?

A big shout out and THANK YOU to Frugal Big Girl for giving me my first blog award! When I started blogging a few months ago one of my goals was to reach out, connect, and talk to to other fellow bloggers (one of the reasons why I love twitter, also). I can’t wait to meet more of you bloggers and get to know the ones I have met even more!

Here’s the rules:
* Link back to the fabulous blogger you got the award from
* Write 7 random things about yourself
* Fill in the question form below
* Give the award to 10 other blogs and let them know :)!

7 random things about me:

*I am a vegetarian and was raised as one since my parents and the rest of my family is as well

*I love starting new projects and get very easily excited and involved in them but then I tend to lose momentum and have a hard time finishing. I currently have multiple projects and DIY going on

*Up until I was 10 I wanted to be an artist, and then a fashion designer until I was 15, and then decided on medical research, which is what I went to college for and just recently graduated

*I have always wanted to make my own clothes and just recently started with skirts and dresses.

* I studied abroad in Copenhagen for a semester and LOVED IT. I was able to do a lot of travelling and hope to go back to Europe soon!

* I LOVE college basketball. GO TERPS! (Miss you Coach Gary Williams)

* I dont know how to whistle.

Question Form:

  • Name your favorite song: currently- “we found love” by Rihanna
  • Name your favorite dessert:: French macaroons!mm
  • What pisses you off: Inconsiderate people
  • When you’re upset, you: go off somewhere where I am by myself and I can just cool down
  • Your favorite pet: The only pets I have had are fish..but I do like little puppies (other peoples..I am not a pet person =/)
  • Black or white: Black
  • Your biggest fear: Being stuck in a “rut” and not being happy
  • Best feature: hmm…probably my dark dark brown eyes
  • Everyday attitude: perky, happy and easy going
  • What is perfection: A victorias secret model? haha just kidding! To me, perfection is being content and happy with your life
  • Guilty pleasure: makeup (especially eyeshadow) and teen shows like Pretty Little Liars and Gossip Girl and recently Hart of Dixie
Ten Blogs I love to read:
I could only pick 10 but there are sooo many other blogs that I LOVE to read! Xoxo!