Cant believe NOVEMBER is almost DONE! Time really does fly and I came across this lovely idea about 12 goals Id like to accomplish before 2012 greets us. Smallers goals are much more easier to accomplish than new years resolution and also the quick satisfaction of completing them is a great feeling! Here are mine:

1.) Finish the dress I started sewing last month!
2.) Get to a better weight for my body-a few pounds more!
3.) Work out at least 4 times a week (toning, weights, cardio)
4.) Clean out my closet and give away the things i dont need anymore
5.) Be cozy! Light candles more often and drink more herbal teas.
6.) Finish my scrapbook I started for the road trip my brother and I took this summer
7.) Start cooking a few more new dishes (and will post recipes on here if you guys are interested!)
8.) Blog more often and get to know other fellow bloggers in the community!
9.) Finish the book I am currently reading- The White Queen.
10.) Wear something that makes me feel fabulous everyday! It really changes and brightens up your mood
11.) Make some more jewelry out of the wayyy too many beads I have stashed under my bed
12.) Let the people in my life know that I love and care about them

What are some of your goals before 2012? Dont have to list 12 but as many as youd like:) Xoxo!