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My work doesnt have a strict dress code, so I do have a little bit of freedom of what I can wear and it definitely expands my wardrobe for work (cuz apparently wearing my clubbing clothes isnt word appropriate or something..). Today was a casual lazy day..I have been moving in slow motion this week..hoping to snap out of it soon, but also enjoying the time to just relax and have time to myself. I recently bought a Kindle (which I absolutely LOVE) mainly because I used to read so much before college and then it died down and I really want to pick it up again. I am almost done reading Hunger Games. OK…before all of you go on saying I’m just reading it cuz the movie is popular..well, yea, youre right. I actually tried reading it last year, but I just couldn’t get into it so I put it down (I did just read the first few pages..but nonetheless)now that it’s on my Kindle (along with a bazillion other books) I am definitely more motivated to read it, and glad I am sticking with it, because it is a great read! How many of you read it? Saw the movie?

Heres my outfit of the day to go along with my lazyyy mood:

casual comfy