Hello everyone! The other weekend I had the pleasure of attending my very first fashion show, the Kilse Fashion show. Unfortunately, my camera failed on me so I do not have pictures but I will post from her store. It was a great evening and I really loved the pieces and outfits that she put together. Most of her pieces were dresses, more on the fancier side and perfect for a night out or a cocktail party. I loved in how in a lot of her dresses, the backs were so unique, adding a little flair of fun and interest.

Love the back! And anything purple 😉

Another thing I really loved was the COLOR…oh spring is here. I love how there were bright colors and not just the typical LBD. If you look at the store, Kilse Fashion, you’ll see yellows, teals and purples. so fun:)

Also during the show, she has pant suits, shirts, and blazers. Keep a look out on the store for these items!

Which dress is your favorite?