Keep Calm…



Hope everyone is having a wonderful week! Xoxo!


Just coasting along


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My work doesnt have a strict dress code, so I do have a little bit of freedom of what I can wear and it definitely expands my wardrobe for work (cuz apparently wearing my clubbing clothes isnt word appropriate or something..). Today was a casual lazy day..I have been moving in slow motion this week..hoping to snap out of it soon, but also enjoying the time to just relax and have time to myself. I recently bought a Kindle (which I absolutely LOVE) mainly because I used to read so much before college and then it died down and I really want to pick it up again. I am almost done reading Hunger Games. OK…before all of you go on saying I’m just reading it cuz the movie is popular..well, yea, youre right. I actually tried reading it last year, but I just couldn’t get into it so I put it down (I did just read the first few pages..but nonetheless)now that it’s on my Kindle (along with a bazillion other books) I am definitely more motivated to read it, and glad I am sticking with it, because it is a great read! How many of you read it? Saw the movie?

Heres my outfit of the day to go along with my lazyyy mood:

casual comfy


{Friday Fancies}- Dancing in Spirit


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Unfortunately, my college, University of Maryland, did not make it to the NCAA Tournament this year, however I still love watching the games and getting passionate (overly passionate..) about my bracket. Maryland’s main colors are Red, Black and White and also yellow..Yea I know, many colors..we’re just special like that 😉 kidding.

maryland terrapins

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! Anyone going to see Hunger games? What other plans do you have? Xoxo!

{Friday Fancies} The luck of the Irish

Happy St. Patricks day (a day early, I know)! I haven’t been able to do a Friday Fancies for a few weeks and I was looking forward to this one, mainly because..I don’t wear green. It’s just one of those colors that I was never really drawn to and never found anything I liked in green. So as I was scrolling through all the many options I came across this beautiful lace dress! I was surprised to see that its from Abercrombie but I had some fun playing around with it. Yea, I can’t see myself chugging beers in this dress during St. Patty day festivities but I think it is definitely appropriate for some cocktails or a nice night out. Enjoy and have a good weekend!

st pattys day

And I am back…



Hello everyone! Wow, I have been thinking of so many blog posts and kept wanting to update and finally, here I am, and Im here to stay! I hope to get back to my regular blogging routine as I really missed it! On another note, the weather here is BEAUTIFUL..mid 70’s..and to make it even better, when I leave work the sun is still shining (thank you, daylight savings).

I recently moved to Bethesda as I got a new job here and have been exploring the area a bit (loving it so far). I came across this lovely boutique, Lou Lous, in Dupont Circle (also one in Georgetown and multiple other locations) and it was filled with all kinds of accessories..from necklaces, earrings, scarves to purses and wallets. It was heaven. I picked up two necklaces which I LOVE..and have been mentally planning outfits to pair them with since I got them.


On the same jewelry topic, I also put in a mark. order, after sooo long!I have been wanting this necklace, and finally got around to ordering it =) I ordered it in Jet (the black)


Thats it for now! Thanks for stopping by:)






{Blog Swap} Pleats and Blocks

hi there i’m jen and jill and i are swapping blogs for today, but you can usually find me at life spelled jen. jill and i decided to mix two trends that we have been seeing quite a bit of, pleats and color blocking. i for one adore anything pleated so for this outfit i tried to focus more on color blocking.

if money were no object i would love to rock this sexy number tonight while exploring miami. the dress is such an eye catcher that i just added a few subtle accessories to help bring it to life, but i do believe this maxi dress will work dressed up or down.

hope you have a happy friday and make sure to stop by life spelled jen to see what jill came up with!

Winter, you’ve been nice

Winter, you've been nice



Well I have definitely been more MIA than i expected..missed you all! I wanted to do a quick outfit of the day of what I wore today. Pretty casual day but thought the jewelry was a nice way to spice up the outfit. Hope you all like it! We recently had 65 degree weather was amazing! For all the snow and winter lovers out there, please do not hate me when I say I would love a mild winter so I can bring out the floral prints and skirts ASAP…

Happy New year!

I wanted to wish everyone a very happy new year! I hope 2012 gives you everything you wish and lets make it the best year:) Cant wait to get back to blogging once all the holiday craziness settles down:) I am currently working on a set of small resolutions instead of one big one, because..well lets face it, they never work.
So I decided to do a bunch of small atainable goals. Will definitely share with you all soon ❤


Xoxo! What did everyone do for new years eve? Any resolutions?

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone has a wonderful christmas! and that you get to spend it exactly the way you wish! Today my dad was asking my brother and I what are most memorable christmas was and what our most memorable christmas gift was. It was fun reminiscing of our childhood (cuz 22 is sooo old 😉 ) My most memorable gift was when I received this Barbie horse and carriage for my dolls. It was big.It was pink. It was perfect! haha I know Christmas isnt about the gifts but I hope everyone gets what they asked for as well!


Talk to you soon! Xoxo

{Friday Fancies}- White christmas


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…or not so white. It was almost 60 degrees here today near DC..haha not looking like its going to be a white christmas. But in fantasy land (isnt that what Friday Fancies is all about anyway) here is my white christmas inspired outfit.

What are everyones plans this weekend? Getting together with family? Friends? I hope everyone enjoys the holidays!

white xmas