On that healthy grind…


Hello lovelies! So I like to think of myself as *generally* a healthy person..I mean I try..so that has to count for something right? I love trying new recipes (Thank you, Pinterest) and am hoping to post a lot more in the future. Any recipes/blogs/sites that you guys love?

For exercise…I don’t really like to run, I want to get into it, I’m hoping that once spring comes around (if it ever does) I can motivate myself to go run outside more. Mainly I just like to workout in my room with weights. Simple. But effective. My favorites are Karena and Katrina from Tone It Up (www.toneitup.com). They have daily schedules which are great to keep me in track and I never have to think about what to do that day. They also have tons of recipes and posts on lifestyle and beauty. The community is great also, I have met a TON of great girls around the DC area just through Tone It Up.

What are some of your favorite work outs?

And of course, here’s a little life inspiration:





In full bloom

One of my favorite signs of spring is the cherry blossoms down in DC. So scenic and every year   since my first year of college I try and go. They don’t look any different of course. And no different than the ones across the street or on my way to work, but each year they blow me away-Something with the surroundings, the monument and memorials in the background. Not really sure what it is.

I wanted to wear a skirt (another one of my favorite signs of spring) but it was a bit too windy that day that I decided to keep them away for a few days longer since 80’s is in the near forecast

blog 4


Top- H&M

Pants- Old Navy

Earrings- Forever 21

Shoes- Gladiators from Cutesygirl (no longer up 😦 )

Is it feeling like spring where you are?


Hello Spring!

So it is officially spring (even though there is snow in the forecast for tonight here in DC)… and I couldn’t be more excited for the nice weather. I’m looking forward to being back with posts-not just about style and fashion, but also makeup and recipes and fitness. Hooray for new directions 🙂 Stay tuned!



(Color Crushes) Turquoise and Gold

My current color crush (obsession..) is turquoise! Turquoise, teal, aqua, i love em all. I love how it adds a bit of color, elegance and fun to any outfit! I love incorporating it n the summertime (kinda reminds me of the carefree beach (that I cant wait to go to this summer!) Here are some of my favorites:

1:link (DIY anyone?? definitely on my list next)

2: link

3: link

4: link (btw, isnt the model just beautiful!?)

5: link

6: link

What are YOUR color crushes? I hope to be doing a lot more of these color combinations so stay tuned for more!


Breezing into Summer

Here’s an “old” outfit of the day, but its one of my favorite dresses! I really love ruffles and how they add a feminine and free touch to any outfit! Some friends and I were headed to this park by the Reagan National Airport. It was beautiful weather and a great start to summer :)!

Dress: Forever 21

Necklace: Lous Lous Boutique

Shoes (not shown): Aldo sandals

Necklace-some store at the mall..rave?body central? sorry..)

Top- H&M

Shorts- Forever 21

Shoes- Payless

Wristlet- Tommy Hilfiger

The other day my friend and I decided to enjoy the BEAUTIFUL weather at the Georgetown Harbor in DC. First outfit post and many more to come 🙂


{Fit and Fabulous} BodyRock 30 day challenge!


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Hello everyone! Today my friend Alex of Fashionista and the Foodie, told me that she was doing the May 30 day Bodyrock challenge. She’s done it before in previous months and absolutely loves it so i knew I wanted to take part in it this month! It starts today with a fitness test and every day for 30 days there will a new 12..yes TWELVE, minute high intensity workout posted. So incase I didn’t emphasize the 12 enough..there is absolutely no excuse why I cant find time or am “too tired” to do a 12 minute workout. Im really looking forward to this because Ive really wanted to get back into a good workout regimen and I think this is the perfect way. Who’s going to join me?! Its never to late to start getting fit!



{Color Inspiration} Bloom into spring


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A new series I want to start is outfit inspired by color palettes, I’ve seen palettes all over pinterest and some of them are so unique and its a great way to put together outfits with different colors that I wouldnt normally wear. I played it safe this week and went with some muted pinks, brown and mauve. I LOVE these colors! Feel free to pick a palette (or the one below) and make an outfit from it! Id love to see your creations!

How cute are those colored shorts?! Definitely on the lookout for a pair of those!

On another note,

Love this cereal for the mornings! I love fruit and its packed with fiber so it keeps me going til lunchtime! So many options too..from vanilla almonds, to rasberries. Yum. I found this at Target!


Lights, Camera, Fashion

Hello everyone! The other weekend I had the pleasure of attending my very first fashion show, the Kilse Fashion show. Unfortunately, my camera failed on me so I do not have pictures but I will post from her store. It was a great evening and I really loved the pieces and outfits that she put together. Most of her pieces were dresses, more on the fancier side and perfect for a night out or a cocktail party. I loved in how in a lot of her dresses, the backs were so unique, adding a little flair of fun and interest.

Love the back! And anything purple 😉

Another thing I really loved was the COLOR…oh spring is here. I love how there were bright colors and not just the typical LBD. If you look at the store, Kilse Fashion, you’ll see yellows, teals and purples. so fun:)

Also during the show, she has pant suits, shirts, and blazers. Keep a look out on the store for these items!

Which dress is your favorite?